6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Maximize Job Satisfaction

Do I enjoy what I’m doing? 

It’s fairly obvious, but it’s worthwhile to regularly check in with yourself that you’re still enjoying your role. If there’s something that could be changed to make it better—have you asked if this change is possible? Without voicing what you’d like to get from your job, your higher-ups will have to guess. You’re allowed to state what you want, it’s not like making a birthday wish.

Is my work/life balance healthy?

If you find work encroaching on your personal time too often, you might need to establish some new boundaries. Long term, working during what should be your personal time can exhaust you and lead to you being less productive during work hours. Isolating your work to work hours protects both you and the quality of your work. Better to recharge by using your free time to paint portraits of your pets on pottery—or whatever it is you like doing.

Am I continually learning and growing? 

Learning new skills and taking on new challenges will help keep you engaged and interested in your work. Allowing your work and performance to stagnate will make your day-to-day feel more monotonous. There’s always more to be learned and employers are often happy to foot the bill for continuing education. And there’s a wide selection available at ibao.org *wink*

Does my presence add unique value to the organization?

Reshaping your role around your strengths can help you get more enjoyment out of it while providing additional value to the company. Maybe you’re interested in social media and there’s a way to fold that into your job description. This can also make you more indispensable. Rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you’ll be a you-shaped peg in a you-shaped role.

Am I contributing to my company’s culture? 

Working at a company with a culture you like can add a lot of satisfaction to your work. If you don’t have opportunities to participate in the culture, that could be an opportunity for you to start something. If you’re an avid reader, you could offer to start an office book club. Finding ways to make work more enjoyable for you can make it better for others too—especially those who are also really into YA dystopian series. 

Is the next step of my career clear and attainable? 

Knowing what you’re working toward will help focus your efforts and keep you on track. If you aren’t sure what the next step available to you is, you may need to have a conversation with your supervisor about what’s possible and how you can get there. The saying goes it’s the journey, not the destination, but that doesn’t mean you should be wandering around blindfolded.

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