The Evolution: Rest Insured with Ontario Brokers

The Beginning

At the beginning of 2022 we set out to capture attention and drive awareness about the independent insurance broker channel.

We wanted to create buzz around the broker community, while enlightening the public about insurance brokers in a light-hearted way. Not a one-time promotion, but an ongoing, regular, ownable, attention-grabbing platform that allowed for longevity. 

Enter: Rest Insured.

Our campaign launch delivered impressive results, outperforming all benchmarked goals and exceeding performance metrics on all fronts. Playing on the idea that we all need more time to do the things we love—with Ontario Brokers you can Rest Insured—combining the concept of having more time with the peace of mind that you’re properly covered and getting the best coverage through a broker’s expertise, access to multiple markets and deep roster of relationships.

The Evolution

Building off the success of our phase one campaign, we are working to evolve the message and keep insurance brokers top of mind for Ontarians. Our phase two campaign focuses on extending our creative platform while delivering the same impactful message—you do what you love, while an Ontario insurance broker finds you the right coverage. 

Launching this month, the campaign will focus on YouTube, social and digital display—intended to continually reach new audiences and share our message. Follow along on social, visit our website and continue to use #OntarioBrokers #RestInsured in your social content.

We tried to capture what makes brokers great and turn it into catchy, memorable campaign. Though workshopped these messages with brokers, we still love to hear your feedback. Please reach out to us and let us know your thoughts. And in the meantime, we’ll keep working to send new customers your way.

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