6 Ways to Support Canadian Artists

Making it as an artist is famously tough. In a small market like Canada, it’s even tougher. But we produce world class artists in every medium. These are simple ways you can give your time, money and attention to Canadian artists of many kinds. 

1. True North Animation, Strong and Free

Though it’s not a well-advertised fact, Canada is a world-leader in short-form animation. The National Film Board of Canada’s website has hundreds of films from their archives you can stream for free (as well as live-action films and documentaries). The NFB’s app lets you consume on the go—a great alternative to Netflix’s latest dating show. 

2. Playlist of the Future

The SOCAN Foundation provides grants for Canadian musicians and publishers to encourage the growth of Canadian music here and abroad. By donating to SOCAN, instead of supporting the music you already like, you’ll be helping to support the music that everyone can enjoy tomorrow. After all, you keep up with all the hip new music, right? 

3. The Other Season Tickets

Many local theatres offer Season Tickets, allowing you to see more plays for less. By buying season tickets, you’re providing more reliable long-term support to the theatre than if you were to purchase individual tickets for each show. And if you want to be extra supportive of live theatre, before the curtain goes up, triple-check that your phone is on airplane mode.

4. Canadian-Made Arcade

With over 900 active video game studios, Canada has a relatively large video game industry, producing everything from AAA titles like Mass Effect to notable indie mobile games like Alto’s Adventure. Check out the finalists from The Canadian Game Awards and Canadian Indie Game Awards—which shine a light on some of the incredible work keeping people’s thumbs in shape.  

5. Seeing Through a New Frame

Spruce up your place and directly support a Canadian artist by purchasing an original piece from online galleries like ArtMatch.ca and KoymanGalleries.com. With their carefully curated selections you get to see a wide range of artists, from well-established to notable newcomers. Original art is an investment you can look at while going “hmm.”

6. Panel Discussion

Canadians have had an outsized presence in the comics industry since Torontonian, Joe Shuster invented Superman. Today, Montreal’s Drawn & Quarterly is one of the industry’s most respected independent publishers. Many local comic stores now have a dedicated section showcasing the work of our fellow Canucks. Reading your thought bubble—they’re not just for kids. 

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