Brokerage Rebrand: PetleyHare Insurance Brokers

February 28, 2024

With Adam Hare—President, PetleyHare Insurance Brokers

PetleyHare, a multi-generation brokerage in Oshawa, recently rebranded its organization to better align its image with the dynamic transformation the company has undergone in recent years.

“We eventually got to a place where we felt our brand was no longer representative of the company we’d become,” said Adam Hare, PetleyHare’s President.

This realization fueled the decision to embark on a rebranding journey that would reflect the company’s evolving identity and mission.

Articulating an Identity

The creative intention behind the rebrand was to cultivate a light-hearted and approachable identity. They aimed for a design that’s “timeless and modern to communicate confidence and establish ourselves as the preferred brokerage for our customers.” They worked to craft a brand that not only resonates with clients but reflects PetleyHare’s value proposition.

The primary objectives of the rebrand centered around three pillars—friendliness, simplicity and fun. Adam emphasized the goal of relating with customers on a personal level.

“We aim to connect with our customers on their level through effective use of brand and voice.”

Recognizing that insurance can be intimidating and tedious to consumers, PetleyHare tried to project an image that’s familiar, welcoming and warm in their interactions, mirroring the communities they serve

From the Ground Up

PetleyHare invested considerable effort in defining its ideal customer, employee and target markets. Ultimately, they prioritized a local approach, strengthening their presence in Durham Region while leaving room for future expansion.

“We narrowed our focus and decided to double down on our reach right here in our backyard.”

Beyond a logo change, PetleyHare’s rebranding encompassed a redesign of both physical and digital interactions. They revamped their online platforms including their website and social media and introduced new elements to their physical spaces.

“We’ve launched virtual client rooms and introduced a client concierge role, much like you would expect in a modern hotel.”

Incorporating a streamlined user experience, keeping modernity in mind and enhancing customer engagement extended the rebrand’s impact beyond visual aesthetics.

Building Awareness

Outlining their communication strategy for the rebrand, Adam says, “In early March, we’ll be launching a brand awareness campaign across the Durham Region.”

The campaign includes GO shelter ads, billboard ads, radio, print and social media to highlight their differentiators and communicate their value proposition. Activations and local community events with the launch of the PetleyHare Preferred program are planned to boost engagement, while client and community events at their new head office in Oshawa are aimed at strengthening local connections.

Staying True

While acknowledging the competitive landscape, PetleyHare remains focused on its unique identity and values.

“We do our best to keep our heads down and do what we do best without letting too many outside influences in.”

PetleyHare’s rebrand represents a strategic effort to evolve with the times and prioritize approachable customer interaction to solidify their position as a trusted insurance partner in the community. Their focus on philosophy, alignment with business goals and communication strategy positions PetleyHare for continued success in the insurance industry.

“Our brand journey evolves right alongside our company. We’re excited for the evolution and everything that comes with it.”

Digital transformation affects everyone in the insurance industry and unfortunately some businesses won’t make the cut. Those who will survive will take a strategic, top-down approach to reinventing themselves. They’ll put everything on the table, ask the tough questions and make the tough decisions to ensure they’re meeting the evolving needs of the customer.

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