Gearing Up for the New Term

Christian von Donat, VP, Government Relations and Strategy, Impact Public Affairs

This past June, Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party won a second consecutive majority government from the voters of Ontario. Building off its 2018 campaign results, the Party increased its seat share to now hold 83 of the 124 seats in the Legislature. The Party expanded its gains into several new regions like Windsor-Essex and Northern Ontario, while also making key gains in the Greater Toronto Area.

In the lead-up to the election, Premier Ford released the 2022 Budget, Ontario’s Plan to Build. As the election was immediately called thereafter, the Budget as introduced was intended to be a public policy roadmap for where his government would go if re-elected. Now, MPPs are coming back to Queen’s Park to bring this Budget to reality and begin work implementing their Party’s vision. 

Impact Public Affairs and the IBAO continue working closely with elected officials and other relevant stakeholders on providing valuable insight brokers have to offer, sensible policy recommendations, and building and maintaining relationships with government covering every corner of our province.

As expected, several senior Ministers have returned to their positions, including Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy (Pickering-Uxbridge) and Treasury Board President Prabmeet Sarkaria (Brampton South). In his last term, Premier Ford had created the new Ministry of Red Tape Reduction tasked to deliver on his promise of reducing barriers to business, now led by Minister Parm Gill (Milton). These offices present some of the relevant engagement opportunities that our team is incorporating into our overall government relations strategy. 

It is critical that the Ontario Government continue to see Insurance Brokers as the credible voice advocating on behalf of millions of Ontarians’ best interests. Many of the issues we are working on now directly relate to the cost of living and pocketbook issues that the government has prioritized.

As seen with his Party’s increases in seat count in the GTA and other urban areas, Premier Ford is looking to rapidly deliver on promises that affect these regions. The cost of auto insurance in the GTA particularly is a cost of living and affordability issue which the Premier has publicly committed to addressing, and IBAO continues to work with the government on how best to implement new evidence-based policies that will achieve intended objectives.

In the Fall Legislative sitting and months ahead, Impact and IBAO will count on its vast broker network to be active in shaping future government policy that will impact policyholders. Ontarians are counting on us to work on their behalf with government to address concerns, and we are acutely aware of the results of what inaction will bring to Ontario families.

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