Marketing Minute | You’ve Launched Your Social Media… Now What?

Brent Closs—AVP Marketing, CAA Club Group

Perhaps you’ve launched your social media strategy by posting a few thought pieces or calls to action, and you’re waiting for that magic to happen. You see the odd like, and a few people start to follow you. But the real magic won’t happen until you start truly engaging with your audience.

Let’s say your objective is to gain followers.
First, create content that’s uniquely you—that differs from your competition. If it’s memorable, it’s more likely to be shared, which will help expand your audience.
Then, curate. You want others to engage with you, but are you actively supporting their efforts? Look around your community at what small businesses are doing on social, and share it on your channels. The more you share the content of others, the more others will share yours, and ideally follow your channels.
Finally, if you want people to support you, support the issues that matter most to both you and your customers. Advocate for businesses and causes in your community.
A great success story in my town is a small bakery on Main Street. Sure, they post pictures of delectable treats, but they also frequently do shout-outs to small businesses, artists and people in the community. Those businesses are responding and sharing the bakery’s posts in return. Business has never been better—even during a pandemic. It’s a true example of a small business having made social media work to their advantage, while being caring and empathetic.
By putting effort into your social activities—creating, curating and advocating—your channels will soon gain an engaged and supportive following.
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