Accelerating Professional Growth

If doing your job the way you’d normally do it isn’t getting you to where you’d like be professionally, it’s time to do something else. 

Manifest It

Ask yourself, what are my career goals? Sit down and take the time to sketch out what want to do. Write down what you’re doing to take steps towards those goals—or possibly, what you need to start doing. Then let your superior know what your aspirations are. With this in mind, they might be able to tell you what they need to see from you to meet that goal rather than you having to guess. 

Constantly Continuing Education

Brokers already have requirements for professional development, but it might be worth reassessing which options you’re choosing by asking yourself will this further my career goals? If you’re looking to get into management, taking more courses that are management-related or getting a certification, like RIBO Level II might demonstrate that you’re serious about taking the step. 

It’s also worth looking for other types of education that might be beneficial to your goals—maybe that’s a digital marketing course or a professional writing course. Or pursue what interests you and perhaps that’ll give you a new perspective on your work. Broadening your horizons is never a bad thing. 

Room to Grow

Look around at your company—what gaps do you see? If you can identify gaps or deficiencies where you think you can add value, propose your solutions. Maybe your company’s LinkedIn page sits dormant, and you have a knack for writing—pitch yourself! Every workplace has room for improvement, and everyone has a unique set of skills and experiences. The overlap in that Venn diagram is your opportunity to both demonstrate your capabilities and maybe even make a tangible improvement at your organization. 

Don’t Be Shy

Keep a record of any extra work you’re doing that goes beyond your job description. This will be useful during any job performance reviews or interviews, but you should also go through the list and make sure that the relevant people know about the work you’re doing. Hard work is its own reward, but if people are aware of it, you might get an external reward for it too.

Expand Your Network 

Networking can be useful for finding direct opportunities—new jobs, new partnerships, etc.— but it can also be extremely helpful for meeting and learning from people who you find aspirational. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to move forward in our careers. There are lots of inspiring people in our industry who’d be happy to chat, share their stories and provide advice. And, in exchange, maybe you can do the same for someone else once you get where you’re going. 

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