Meet Esra: Guiding Your Career Path at the IBAO

Esra Akbulut, IBAO Enrollment Coordinator

Esra is the Enrollment Coordinator for IBAO’s Education Team. She handles registrations and provides assistance with course inquiries. At IBAO, we’re all about offering licensing and designation courses, paving the way for your career path—and Esra’s mission is to make that journey as seamless as possible.

Ezra’s education was in business administration, but she began her career as an OTL-licensed agent in a corporate giant. Joining the IBAO was a natural next step. It gave her an opportunity to merge her professional expertise with her educational background. It’s a place she can continually build on her skills while assisting others in obtaining their licenses and designations to kickstart or elevate their own careers. Whether it’s at work or in everyday life, understanding people and finding optimal solutions to problems is where Esra shines.

When she’s not immersed in the world of insurance, you can find her soaking up the joys of life with her furry companions. “My dogs hold a special place in my heart. We love exploring parks, camping, going for rides and basking in the beauty of nature.” 

Three seems to be her lucky number as Esra is the proud owner of three dogs, has lived in three different countries and can speak three languages.

Esra’s favourite part of working at IBAO is, “without a doubt, the incredible team. We function like a family unit, working towards one common goal—your success. Supporting each other throughout the journey, we’re more than just colleagues; we’re a community.” 

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