Creating Career Opportunities, Virtually

Looking for a job after graduating college or university can be daunting. Add in all the Covid restrictions and it seems impossible to get your foot in the door. Ontario Brokers faced similar difficulties hiring new employees.

Earlier this year we saw the opportunity to connect students and brokers without actually bringing them together. We held two virtual career fairs for our members to meet students enrolled in Ontario college insurance programs—they shared job opportunities and discussed what it’s like working in the broker channel.

Gabriela Bejarano, IBAO Project Coordinator, helped organize the events. “We used a platform called Remo that provides a virtual networking space. Prior to both career fairs we shared student resumes with brokerages and distributed brokerage info to students to help everyone make the most of the event.

Feedback was positive on both sides—employers enjoyed virtually meeting and chatting with students about a future in the insurance industry, and students appreciated the opportunity to speak with representatives from multiple companies under one platform.”

We asked three students who participated to share their experience attending a virtual career fair for the first time.

Jasmine Sun
Humber College Student

“The career fair was an amazing opportunity to connect with employers and seek opportunities. The event platform was fantastic! It didn’t feel like a virtual meeting, it felt like I was attending a career fair in-person. I would whole-heartedly recommend future students attend IBAO’s career fairs—they’re a great gateway to employers who are interested in meeting you.”

Kraig Salmon
Humber College Student

“IBAO’s Virtual Career Fair was a great opportunity to introduce myself and connect with potential employers in the insurance industry. I was able to speak in-depth with industry leaders about their roles and gain valuable insight on how to stand out from other applicants, succeed within the industry and learn about alternative career paths I wouldn’t have considered. I received a lot of interest, follow up and interview opportunities from the event.”

Heather Cui
Humber College Student

“The platform was fun yet professional. You could click on a couch to seat yourself. There were a limited number of seats at each booth so it’s not overwhelming and it helps focus your attention. I’d strongly recommend checking out future virtual career fairs. Even when in-person events return, virtual networking is here to stay. There are unique advantages like being able to survey candidates and companies across great distances. Getting comfortable and efficient with virtual networking will only expand your career possibilities.”

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