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Businesses across the province are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.  Reports of businesses shutting their doors permanently are all too common. As an integral part of their communities, brokerages have been doing their part to support local and assist neighbours in need.

Many brokerages have been ordering meals for employees to give local restaurants  business.

Excalibur Insurance used their social media presence to do their own twist with #TakeoutTuesday giveaways.

Contestants would mention or tag their favourite local restaurant offering takeout to enter in a draw every Tuesday for six weeks. Winners  received a $100 gift certificate to the restaurant they tagged, and that restaurant would be featured in Excalibur’s feed to promote their business. One contest post emphasized the importance of the promotional angle as part of Excalibur’s commitment to champion local business. “It’s hard to know exactly which local restaurants in the province of Ontario are open for takeout—SO LET’S MAKE THAT EASIER!”

In London, businesses got a boost from a radio advertising campaign called Locally Owned & Awesome, started by Ontario West Insurance Brokers. Businesses in the area were nominated through an online portal.  Every morning and afternoon a different business would get a shoutout across four local radio stations. Ontario West sponsored commercials to provide the businesses free advertising.

“I get messages every day from these businesses thanking me for getting  their names out to the public,” said Traci Boland, Partner. “In particular, a dry cleaning business emailed me to share their story. A group of women had gotten together to make and donate masks, but the masks needed to be professionally cleaned before being dropped off at hospitals. Because of the shoutout, their business was contacted to dry clean masks for frontline workers. They said they would’ve never had that opportunity without the shoutout and were so thankful.  I’m really proud of what we’ve done to help the community.”

Burlington-based brokerage Utter Morris along with two local organizations created the #RibsForResponders program beginning early April. They partnered with local restaurants and stores to make free lunches for first responders as a way of saying thank you for their service. While dropping off the meals, Utter Morris promotes food sponsors on social media. By early May, they’d delivered over 1,000 lunches.

As always, brokers are stepping up to play an important role in their communities. Thank you to all Ontario Brokers doing their part to #SupportLocal.

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