Social Media – Bringing it All Home

Brent Closs—AVP Marketing, CAA Club Groupa

In the last few editions of our Marketing Minute, I’ve delved into a number of strategies that can support your social media efforts and gain momentum, engagement and conversation:

  • Create – When content is memorable and valuable, it’s shareable. Being shareable is what expands your audience fastest.
  • Curate – Not all content has to be your own. If someone has made creative, valuable content, share it and add to the conversation.
  • Advocate – Support the causes, issues and goals that matter most to your customers and business and community partners.
  • Educate – Demonstrate your expertise by explaining the value of insurance, debunking myths and supporting the buying and claims process.
  • Facilitate – Identify people who need your help. Making things easier for people makes you memorable.

Now to bring it all home…

You might hope your entire audience reads every post, but that’s unrealistic. When you reiterate, you repeat a message, saying it again in the same way. Reiteration ensures a steady stream of content (which keeps your content pipeline full) while providing your audience with additional opportunities to see your content and engage. It allows you to deliver content at the right time, based on social data and insights, and is an efficient way to increase your reach.

A crucial part of any social media strategy is to appreciate engagement in your channels, and the great things you see around you. If you find a post that says something you like and aligns with your brand and values, let the world know. If someone shares or supports your message, be sure to thank them.

A popular saying about social media marketing is If you demonstrate value over time, you earn the right to sell something once in a while. This is when the magic happens, which can help you grow your business against a defined metric. These metrics can be funnel driven, not just sales driven, like quote requests, article and app downloads and landing page interactions. Examples of what to generate include promoted content, adwords, contests, engagement campaigns, social surveys and webinar or event promotions.

And there you have it. Tips that will help you elevate your social media efforts to great levels of success. It’s all organic and trust me—it’s worth it.

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