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Your RIBO Hours Free?
Kevin O’Hare, Education Supervisor & Instructional Designer, IBAO
This new course helps brokers articulate how cyber threats work and what steps their clients can take to protect themselves.
New content providers are reaching out to us to collaborate. One recent partnership is with BOXX Insurance, a cyber insurance company taking flight in Canada. They’ve allowed us exclusive access to their Cyber Risk training content to develop a custom IBAO course. This new course helps brokers articulate how cyber threats work and what steps their clients can take to protect themselves. We have five free courses provided by Intact on a variety of topics—IT solutions, cross border selling, business interruption insurance, privacy breach, excess & umbrella liability—fulfilling Technical and Management requirements. And Trufla’s working with us to launch a Personal Skills course called Make the Most of Your Digital Needs, with a second course in development. By reaching out to new experts and established partners to collaborate, we can deliver engaging and impactful courses for our members, for free. More on the way.
As a broker, the need to maintain your minimum number of RIBO hours yearly is a fact of life. Of course, training equips you with the technical insight to perform more effectively or to apply management strategy concepts at work, which makes your work worthwhile. And now, IBAO Members can earn their minimum number of RIBO hours for the price of…FREE! We’ve worked hard to build original courses and find impactful educational content from leading subject matter experts for our members, but these courses were always under the pay-per-access model. With the launch of our eLearning platform we were able to reevaluate how to routinely source and offer courses. With My IBAO Learning Path, you can take courses anytime, start and stop when you need to, but more importantly go back into your library to reference the content at a later date. We’ve focused on making courses less of a one-time learning experience and more of an ongoing resource.
You Should Totally Become a Broker
Career Fair
IBAO is teaming up with Humber College to promote the broker channel as a career choice. With a robust number of business programs available at Humber, there are many students completing various diplomas and certificates who may be unsure on what career they’d like to pursue. The goal is to make students at Humber aware of the tremendous career opportunities in the insurance industry and how rewarding becoming a broker can be. It’s an excellent opportunity for students to meet brokers and learn about all the jobs available on Contact Tahnee for details—
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