Marketing the Broker Channel
Norah Black, Director, Marketing & Communications, IBAO
The story of brokers joining the insurance industry often involves a family connection. Brokerage recruitment often relies on staff leveraging personal networks to expand the team. Both are winning strategies. What we’ve witnessed from our
You Should Totally Become a Broker
campaign is how wide the talent pool of people wanting to join the broker channel really is. We launched the campaign last fall to attract new brokers to your brokerages—one of the biggest challenges you face according to survey data and so many conversations. While geography and the general unawareness of growth and advancement opportunity play a role, it’s the insurance industry’s image that poses the biggest roadblock. Translation: makeover time. People don’t tend to grow up dreaming of becoming an insurance broker (apologies to the exceptions) so our initial focus was young professionals looking to pivot their career. We highlighted jobs that can be stifling or marginalizing to differentiate the career possibilities of the broker channel. Our biggest impact was with audiences 25–44. Not only within campaign metrics was this evident, but in our conversations with this growing talent pool. In five weeks, we brought in close to a hundred leads—individuals who saw our content and submitted a form for more information on becoming a broker.
Campaign leads came from a broad spectrum of industries and professions —here are the top ten.
Yoga Instructor
Office Administrator
Dental Hygienist
Personal Trainer
Service Industry
We’re loving the fact leads are still coming in even though our ad spend ended in November. Inquiry results we anticipated were location—the majority were from the GTA and Ottawa area, and whether or not individuals were students—most were not, which was in line with content geared towards working professionals. What was interesting was all the other data we collected. These leads were working professionals from an extremely broad spectrum of industries and professions (see sidebar—we even enticed a church pastor). And perhaps more interesting was what they indicated as most appealing about becoming a broker. We expected earning potential to top the list, and perhaps potential for ownership. But the most frequent answer by far was professional career path. Working with people was runner up. These two points have become hugely beneficial in our messaging and targeting, and could be for you too. As a collective, we’re repositioning the channel as the rewarding and unlimited career path it is. Individually, when you’re advertising a new position within your brokerage, emphasizing room for growth and helping people will pull in professionals from all sectors. They’re features so many people look for, but the broker channel is uniquely able to deliver. It’s the broker advantage and it’s how we’ll attract the next generation of talent to this industry.
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