Talking to Consumers
We went out into the real world and asked real people one question:
Can you describe what an insurance broker is?
“Are they insurance salesmen?” - Kathryn F.
“A broker is someone that handles your insurance for you.” - Elaine D.
“Nope.” - Conner S.
“They’re insurance specialists that help you find insurance.” - Alex H.
what’s on social?
It’s #BellLetsTalk Day!Stigma & discrimination attached to mental illnesses presents a serious barrier to diagnosis and treatment and to acceptance in the community. Share this post and help raise funds for mental health initiatives throughout Canada.

—@dbi Brokers Ltd, Twitter
The conversation surrounding mental health is one we can all be a part of. Let's work together to reduce the stigma today and everyday! #BellLetsTalk —Utter Morris Insurance Brokers, Facebook
In Canada, 500,000 people miss work each week for #mentalhealth reasons, and 1 in 5 people suffer from mental health or addiction problems in any given year. This year, let’s #breakthestigma around mental health. #BellLetsTalk —@CowanInsuranceGroup, Twitter
Let's talk, listen, and care. #EndTheStigma Today's staff contributions are being matched by our Charity & Community Committee, with all donations going to @kwcounselling. #BellLetsTalk —@Staebler Insurance, Twitter
Broker View | The Hard Market
Has the state of the market changed your day-to-day workload over the past year?
What do you predict will happen with the market this year?
Which statement best summarizes your current feeling about the market?
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