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Empowering Staff to be Part of Your Cybersecurity Team
Spencer Heaton, A&S System Consultants
We’ve all heard the phrase You’re only as strong as your weakest link, which applies directly to cybersecurity. It takes one user to open a fraudulent attachment, click on a bad link or use an external USB to show their colleagues their cat’s latest antics, and all your efforts to protect your brokerage’s data and network are circumvented. User awareness training empowers your team to be vigilant and aware of cyber threats. It teaches them the ability to determine whether that invoice attachment is really from your biggest vendor or those emails requesting you buy 5 gift cards are really from your CEO. Training is one of the least expensive ways to effectively provide another line of defense against data and network breaches, yet most brokerages don’t consistently invest. Continuous training and simulated testing to verify if users have learned what not to do is vital to prevent user–caused breaches. This practice is a must for all businesses and can easily be added to your cybersecurity toolkit.
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