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6 Ways to Empower Your Coworkers
Setting people up for success can have lasting impacts on their career, and by extension the culture of your workplace.
Mentor someone
You’ve likely had someone help you when you were new at a job. Paying that forward and imparting your hard–earned experiential knowledge can be the difference between a newcomer sticking around long–term or not. In return, they might teach you the cool new swear words.
Pass along praise
Telling someone they’ve done a good job feels great. But sharing the feedback with that person’s manager could contribute to their career advancement. In addition to ensuring they get credit for the work, they also get the benefit of the esteem of their coworkers. It’s like gossip, except nice and workplace appropriate. And less fun.
Partner up on a project
If you have a colleague that you’d like to see receive recognition, you can facilitate the situation by asking them to work with you on an initiative, whether it’s a simple staff event, a charitable activity or a new idea for the business. Think of it as the business equivalent of playing wingman for your recently dumped friend.
Be a good listener
When a coworker’s been especially stressed out, it can help to get out of the office, grab a coffee and let them vent. A lot of time, letting them get something off their chest will allow them to get their head back in the game. Though if they’re really wound up, make those coffees decaf.
Take something off someone’s plate
When someone’s been swamped and seem like they could use a hand, ask if you can take care of something for them. Better yet, just do it. Something as small as unjamming the printer can stop a bad day from spiraling and allow your colleague to refocus on the task at hand. And while you’re fighting with the printer, you’ll get to try out those cool swear words you just learned.
Teach them something
If a coworker regularly asks for your help because of specific technical knowledge you have, use it as an opportunity to give them a quick crash course on the topic. It’s like teach a man to fish, the outcome being Excel proficiency.
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