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Brand Archetypes: One Small Step For You, One Giant Leap For Brandkind
Brent Closs—AVP Marketing, CAA Club Group
he past two Marketing Minutes have explored Brand Archetypes—what they are and examples of each. In this edition we highlight how defining your brokerage’s Archetype can be a giant leap forward in building your brand. It’s simple, inexpensive and can build great impact in how others see you.
Successful brands have completed this exercise. You can probably identify a common characteristic in each one—Jeep screams explore, Adobe is inventive, Old Spice is funny. By identifying with a characteristic in everything your brokerage does—from how it looks to phone greetings—you benefit.
By following a single Brand Archetype, you:
  • Humanize your brokerage because its character becomes recognizable.
  • More easily attract the customers you want. Consumers are attracted to specific brand characteristics—once you know yours, it helps you know your customer, too.
  • Sound clearer, which is handy for team members who aren’t marketing specialists. Your Brand Archetype is like bumpers at the bowling alley—at the beginning, it keeps you from drifting; with time, you’re going straight down the middle.
  • Create a consistent impression every time you interact with a customer or consumer, which creates trust. People are more engaged if you show up the same way every time. If you don’t, you risk creating a misunderstanding of who you are.
While you may not know their names, you’ve met the 12 Archetypes
Archetypes are the basis for every character in fairy tales, novels, movies, tv shows and comic strips. They work because we all have some of every archetype in us, proportions just change from person to person.
Brand Archetypes
  • Sage—TED Talks
  • Innocent—Coca-Cola
  • Explorer—Jeep
  • Ruler—Rolex
  • Creator—Adobe
  • Caregiver—Kleenex
  • Magician—Dyson
  • Hero—Nike
  • Outlaw—Harley Davidson
  • Lover—Hallmark
  • Jester—Old Spice
  • Regular Guy/Girl—Budweiser
How do you determine your brokerage’s Archetype?
You may have already done so. But if you’re struggling, there are numerous online quizzes to help you discover your Archetype. When completing one, try to stick to who you truly are rather than who you want to be.
Once you’ve determined your Archetype, consider all the touchpoints at your brokerage. Your advertising and website may come to mind first, but don’t forget little things like email signatures and how you answer the phone. Conduct an audit of every touchpoint and prioritize. Consider whether your Brand Archetype is coming through with each touchpoint, and what to change to bring alignment.
Finally, make sure everyone at your brokerage understands your Archetype and can apply it. Everyone needs to live the brand for it to be effective in building relationships.
  1. Don’t mix and match. The most successful brands align strongly with one Archetype.
  2. Ground it in who you are, not who you want to be. Just like with personal relationships, if your brokerage doesn’t convey its true self, it won’t ring true.
  3. Look at industry norms. While no Archetype is off limits, some are going to be more challenging to portray within the insurance industry.
  4. Be consistent and apply it to everything you do. That includes marketing materials, emails, customer interactions, articles, ads, social media, website and blogs.
  5. Don’t switch your Archetype to fit great creative that an agency may show you. Make sure any vendor you work with knows your Brand Archetype and delivers suitable creative work.
  6. It pays to find yourself using your Brand Archetype
We’ve shared important reasons for defining your brokerage’s Brand Archetype, but here’s the critical one: if you’re not consistently following your Archetype, you could be making the wrong impression. Take the time to find yourself, and everything else will follow.
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