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Sheldon D. Williams Owner, Licensee Office Nacora Insurance Brokers

I love cooking. With my family background rooted in Jamaica, island food is my favorite to cook up in the kitchen. Whether it’s jerk chicken or curry chicken oxtail, I love a little spice in my life. I also like to recreate great meals that I have in top restaurants. Grilled calamari, pan seared scallops and basically anything seafood is my jam! I encourage all those who think they “aren’t good at cooking” to challenge themselves to step into the kitchen and give it a try—trust me, you could surprise yourself.

Sister, I Am With You—

Erin Roes Regional Sales Manager, Business Development, Central Region Cowan Insurance Group

As a mom with 4 kids ages 11 down to 4, a wife and a sales leader, life is busy! Having a tribe of women to support you and be FOR you is crucial. This blog is for women and says I am for you, no matter what. It takes a village so slow down, invest in your family and cheer each other on. We’re never perfect, but as women we can always be there to support and inspire each other.

Local Breweries

Alex Gemmiti Service Team Leader Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

Looking for a fun way to support more local businesses? Visit the great breweries throughout the province! I’ve been an avid craft beer drinker for as long as I can remember and run @brew.daddy.durham—an Instagram account dedicated to Ontario beer. One of my current favourites is Outside Jokes from Whitby’s Town Brewery. This pale ale has delicious orange and pineapple flavours with light floral notes and is fantastic to enjoy alongside a big bowl of homemade chili on a cool fall weekend.
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