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With Stephanie Herrera—Entertainment Producer, Marquee Insurance
How did Marquee Insurance get started?
Marquee is a division of McCam Insurance Brokers, started in 2018 when McCam’s owner, Rorie McIntosh, saw an opportunity to help smaller productions and up-and-coming filmmakers. Rorie and I both have backgrounds in the entertainment industry. For most of my career, I’ve been in front of the camera as an actor or behind the camera producing several shows and web series. I ran Durham Region’s only improv school and I’ve written and directed dozens of live shows—I’m still an actor and TV writer. Rorie had been part owner of Raven Banner Entertainment and had experience running large events. I met Rorie through one of my agents who had a production company with him at the time. He asked me to head his entertainment division in 2019 and so my insurance career began.
We’ve spent the last couple years researching, networking and building relationships. We’re very happy with our growth and we see a bright future as one of a handful of brokerages who have recognized this growing industry.
What are the unique challenges to insuring these clients?
The industry is rapidly changing and the technology evolves so quickly that sometimes we have to work a little harder to keep ourselves up to speed on how risk is mitigated. An example is the changing legislation in drone technology. Another challenge we face—the markets interested in entertainment are limited.
What unique features does coverage have?
The entertainment industry has options for coverage that the average person might not ever think of, like coverage for loss of props, entire sets burning down, death or injury of an animal performer. And we can’t forget the unique risks like firearms, pyrotechnics and stunts.
How do you target this segment?
Networking and making ourselves available has been our greatest asset in reaching our target clients in the industry. We like to speak on panels and at film schools. We benefit from educating up-and-coming filmmakers—they take the time to learn about entertainment insurance, become proactive in creating safer sets and include insurance in their budget lines.
How has the pandemic impacted this niche?
With Covid restrictions, cast and crew have been cut dramatically and we saw an increase in external locations. But productions that are smaller and shorter in length have been able to adapt quickly and efficiently.
What are some of the common claims issues this niche faces?
Number one would probably be non-owned coverage in rental vehicles and equipment, like damages to cameras and lenses. But overall, this industry is very profitable from an underwriting perspective.
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