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A Day in the Life
Keri Fraser—Chief People Officer, Westland Insurance
n inclusive, collaborative leader with over 20 years’ experience, Keri develops programs that empower professionals to think differently to deliver exceptional results, providing senior HR leadership to support all business units for Westland Insurance.
“My father worked in the insurance industry until he retired. Watching him have a very fulfilling career piqued my interest. When the opportunity presented itself at Westland—a company going through immense growth and transformation—I was ready to take the leap.”
Prior to joining Westland in 2019, Keri was with Colliers International for over ten years, where she held progressively senior roles before being appointed Vice President. Keri is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), holds a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from E-Cornell and is currently enrolled in the Anti-Racism Program at the University of British Columbia. “The biggest shifts I've noticed in the DEI space over the last couple of years are the move to focus on equity and inclusion, instead of only diversity, and companies being held accountable for getting out of performative work and seeing some real action.”
5:30AM: I wake up at 5:30—or I should say I get woken up by our two English bulldogs, Tina and Bruce. When they’re ready for a walk and breakfast they can be a pretty good alarm clock.
6:00AM: Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. It's a time I get to enjoy peace and quiet. I have scrambled egg whites, steel-cut oats and a very strong cup of coffee. I love using this time to listen to podcasts—current favourite is Armchair Expert with Dax Shepperd and Monica Padman.
7:00AM: We've moved to a hybrid work model so if I'm going into the office, I'm heading out for my commute by 7:00 to get to the office by 8:00. If I'm working from home, I spend a bit more time listening to a podcast before heading to my home office downstairs.
8:00AM: It's rare that I don't have a meeting starting at 8:00. The day usually continues with many more meetings. In between I manage emails, questions from team members and work on projects. I tend to be very responsive as I want to ensure I'm not holding anything up and delivering a great experience for the business and our team.
11:30AM: If I'm at home, I take the dogs for a walk around the block and make myself lunch—usually soup or a salad. If I'm in the office, I usually eat lunch at my desk with no real break.
12:30PM: My afternoons are much like my mornings. Lots of meetings, touching base with people and working on projects.
5:00PM: I'm someone who ensures all the emails in my inbox are read before I log off so I'm prepared for the next day. By 5 o’clock I'm either commuting home or getting ready for a workout.
6:00PM: During the pandemic I jumped on Peloton popularity and invested in a bike and weights. I do a 30 to 45-minute Peloton workout. I love doing a combination of both strength and biking. I wrap up every workout with a 10-minute stretch.
7:00PM: I enjoy a nice dinner with my spouse. I don't cook, we do a meal delivery service, so my cooking involves a five-minute microwave warm up. We take turns cleaning up the kitchen and then we take the dogs for a walk.
8:00PM: I'm either doing homework or watching a series on Netflix. Currently binging 9 Perfect Strangers on Amazon Prime. My spouse and I also have a few pieces of chocolate as an evening treat.
10:00PM: One final outing for the dogs and then it’s off to bed until they wake me again the next morning.
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