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Staff Spotlight | Ravi
When cannabis was legalized, it felt like I was part of Canadian history. The industry took off and I was learning something new every day.
ith a background in e-Learning, the path that led Ravi to the IBAO has been anything but boring, including working for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, the Real Estate Council of Ontario, and Multi-Health Systems—an organization that publishes scientifically validated psychological assessments. “At Multi-Health Systems, I managed the learning management system (LMS) for certification programs, specifically the EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, and Pearman Personality Integrator. When certified in these assessments, clients typically use them in hiring or for coaching and development purposes. I also had the opportunity to liaise with really interesting organizations like the FBI.”
In 2018 when cannabis was legalized in Canada, Ravi was working as an LMS Specialist for Meta Growth—a cannabis company with a national footprint. “When cannabis was legalized, it felt like I was part of Canadian history. The industry took off and I was learning something new every day. One thing I’ve taken with me from that role is my advocacy on the benefits of cannabis and speaking about the endocannabinoid system which has links to appetite, pain, inflammation, cardiovascular system function... it amazes me that only 15% of medical schools teach students about it.”
Currently Business Process Coordinator, Ravi’s focus is on user experience and operational efficiency. “I’m looking at optimizing the workflow for eLearning registration and user experience in terms of administering courses to members, which will include scoping for a new LMS vendor. Recently, I was on a project to launch the online RIBO licensing exams, where I got to pilot test as an exam candidate with our online proctoring service and drafted communications that would go out to exam candidates.” Ravi’s also on IBAO’s EDI Committee and recently completed a DEI in the Workplace Certificate through the University of South Florida. In his spare time, Ravi volunteers as Board of Director for the Canadian Learning Trust—a charity that promotes lifelong learning and helps people in financial need pursue their learning endeavours. He enjoys getting outside whenever he can. “I’ve been going to Toronto Island. I’ll catch the ferry over and relax on the beach. I also like visiting Albion Hills Conservation Area to go hiking with friends, it’s very tranquil. You notice so many ecosystems as you’re walking through the forest. The air is a bit different—it feels cooler and there are so many different species of trees. It’s a really nice experience.” When he’s not taking in nature or volunteering his time, you’ll find him participating in regular millennial things like Netflix and Chill, watching Jeopardy or trying new vegan restaurants. “I’ve been vegan for about 15 years. It started off as a challenge with a friend of mine and ended up sticking. At first I just wanted to be healthier. I’m a big advocate for animals, so I also wanted to change my lifestyle in how I contribute to society—you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your meat intake. It was hard in the beginning but now it’s second nature. I love checking out new vegan restaurants in Toronto—my favourite is a Tibetan restaurant called Karma’s Kitchen. Even if you’re not vegan, you’ll definitely find something you love.”
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