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Reducing Stress in the Event of a Breach
Spencer Heaton—A&S System Consultants

Getting businesses through a breach or compromise can be a tremendously stressful event for everyone involved. From business owners to users to customers, to the IT professionals themselves, everyone worries about how a breach will affect them and what needs to be done for the business to recover.
Most businesses don’t think what if until they’re faced with a cyber attack of their own. Not being prepared adds significant time, stress and cost to an already difficult and stressful situation.
Having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place not only helps reduce the risk of cyber threats—all aspects of cyber risk should be examined as part of the plan’s design—it also helps reduce stress and fear of the unknown. A good plan includes every required step from discovery through to recovery, including who’s responsible for each item along the way. Items like:
  • Who advises staff of the breach and what they need to do
  • Who’s responsible for letting clients know what’s happened and who they need to contact for more information
  • Who will work on the data recovery process and how long the process will take
  • Who will look after items like banking, client payments and payroll
  • Who’s responsible for system failovers and getting updates to carriers
Everyone’s specific role is outlined in a good Disaster Recovery Plan—with it, you’re able to find a sense of calm and purpose. Plans allow businesses to continue operating while entire systems are down or negatively impacted for days or weeks following an attack.
No one runs a business successfully without a business plan. No business should ever face a breach without a cyber plan. It’s one of the best ways to reduce the stress this kind of event causes while allowing you to worry about one less thing during these already stressful times.
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