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Our Role in Your Brokerage’s Mental Health Strategy
Brett Boadway—Chief Operating Officer, IBAO
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s employers everywhere zoom in on mental health in the workplace, a question arises: does your association have a role to play in your brokerage's mental health strategy? Is IBAO a stakeholder in your plan? We truly want to support our members any way we can—here are a few that relate to mental health strategies.
This year, IBAO webinars focusing on mental health and wellness are some of the most accessed and downloaded sessions in our eLearning Library. At our Spring Summit, our keynote spoke about leveraging emotional intelligence and resilience in times of uncertainty. Our Young Brokers Council requested mental health and wellness as a prominent topic at our Young Brokers Conference earlier this summer. The demand for this content is hot (especially when RIBO accredited 😊). Like it or not, stress is an occupational reality of a broker's day. It's not easy and we know it. Learning effective coping strategies is one tool that can help ease that hit. Employees and managers must increase their awareness of the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health problems and know how to help if a colleague begins to experience a mental health issue. Count on IBAO to continue promoting the advancement of mental health education at future conferences, presentations and webinars.
The promotion and advancement of mental health strategies at work is all around us: legislatively, socially and part of baseline business strategy. 70 percent of Canadian employees are concerned about mental health in their workplace—a failure to address this reality could contribute to unnecessary economic costs for your brokerage. This is a new layer to management fundamentals in Canada and many brokerage leaders are looking for tools. To help accelerate the implementation of mental health strategy in your brokerage, IBAO is dialing up the volume on this dialogue. Sharing objectives, tools and actions that have been prioritized in other brokerages is one example of us actioning these efforts. Let's face it—the brokerage value proposition is built on the backs of human capital, so let's take care of our people. Improving the broker channel’s mental health system over the next decade is crucial to its strength.
People with strong, social connections are healthier than those who lack a support network. This is where IBAO comes in. Whether it’s connecting with people at an event, volunteering on a project or creating a culture of allegiance through communication channels, our goal is to help you feel connected. It can be a relief to know your struggles are shared with so many others. It helps to laugh and commiserate about your experiences. Celebrating our collective wins, the positive impact on consumers and the value a broker’s profession brings can’t be undersold. These stories play an essential part in maintaining positive mental health. We want to give you the opportunity to be recognized—and value yourself—as a productive contributor.
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