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Stuff You Should Know

Kari Farnum Account Assistant, Commercial Insurance Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management

I started listening to this podcast while cooking dinner and let’s just say I finish a lot faster. One of my favourite episodes is about stamp collecting—you’d think it was boring, but the hosts bring the topic to life. Listening to episodes I’d consider unpopular always have me intrigued. I’ve recommended it to family and friends. We often debate which episodes we enjoy most, which sparks interest to do our own research. Take a listen—you’ll be enlightened by the hosts’ witty, funny, relatable humour.


Jake Scrivens Commercial Account Manager W.H. Scrivens & Son

Over the past two years I’ve really gotten into cycling and cannot recommend it enough. I love the short 30K rides after a long day at work, the 100K weekend rides and simply getting around town on a bike. Living in Ottawa is great—there’s an extensive network of bike paths but the real bonus is the easy access to Gatineau Park right across the Ottawa River. There’s nothing better than feeling the wind in your face, blowing through your hair (maybe without the bugs in your teeth) all while getting into the meditative rhythm of every pedal stroke.


Megan Decaire
Insurance Broker
Billyard Insurance Group

Sometimes the responsibilities of work can be overwhelming—it’s important to recognize and reset. For me, gardening is the perfect form of self-care for my mind, body and soul. It allows me to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself. Not only do I benefit from the healthy food I grow and harvest, but my clients also benefit when I return to my home office with a fresh outlook.

Shawshank Redemption

Edward Rifol Insurance Broker
Merit Insurance

“Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption is a classic example of courage and optimism. A well written, feel good classic I watch on repeat.

Homemade Cocktails

Alex Freethy Client Services Associate
Highcourt Breckles Group

Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve been making cocktails at home that I either have never made or haven't tried altogether. I’ve discovered many new favorites—most recently Espresso Martinis which are super easy to make and so delicious. I can't wait to share with friends as Ontario reopens!
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