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A Day in the Life
Paul Dhaliwal—IT Operations & Security, Zensurance
s someone who’s been able to work remotely throughout this pandemic, Paul still needs to go into the office once a week to assist with new hire and remote onboarding. What was once a busy and lively office is now an empty and quiet building with the Zensurance team all working from home. “It can feel lonely being in the office with no one there—that was definitely an adjustment.”
Being in the IT department and trying to troubleshoot issues remotely poses its own unique set of challenges. “When we all went into the office prior to the pandemic and someone had a technical issue, I could walk up to their desk and fix it in a quick and timely manner. With everyone working remotely, it takes a little longer to resolve things. I need to rely on others to describe their issue with equipment or access and then walk me through it. As more and more tools are becoming available, it seems to be getting much easier to work remotely.
“Other challenges I face are handling equipment deliveries from vendors, as most of the time there’s no one in the office to receive them. I’ve started getting deliveries sent to my home which helps manage my time more efficiently, but that’s not always an option.”
“Paul is an integral part of our team” says Trevor McIntosh, VP Operations at Zensurance. "Paul, along with a few other skeleton staff (including myself) play a key role in supporting the needs of our team while everyone continues to work safely from home.”
Paul shares an average day of going into a mostly remote office.
6:00AM: Wake up and get myself prepped for my virtual fitness class I attend about three times a week.
6:30AM: Head to my basement to start my class. It lasts about an hour.
7:30AM: After a hard work out, I start getting ready for my day and make myself breakfast while catching up on the news and weather—good way to start a conversation with someone on the day’s hot topics.
8:30AM: Fire up my computer and go through emails that may have come in the night before. This typically determines the start of my workflow for the day.
9:00AM: Returning calls, replying to emails, overseeing new or existing projects. If I’m in the office, which I tend to schedule Fridays, I start prepping equipment to send out to new hires while multitasking and sending texts informing users of their equipment deliveries. It’s a lot of up and down the elevator depending on the number of new hires we have that week.
10:00AM: Throughout the week there are typically virtual meetings which start around 10 o’clock—perhaps a project meeting or something scheduled with a work colleague.
1:00PM: Lunch break. Although not exactly a break to have lunch, as most of the time I end up eating at my desk which also allows me time to look at my offboarding spreadsheet and schedule equipment returns. It can sometimes be a challenge getting hold of employees who’ve left the company, I always try to give them a heads up in advance.
2:00—4:30PM: Much of the same from my morning routine—incoming emails or Slack messages supporting users on day-to-day problems they might’ve encountered with their hardware or software applications. Around 4:15PM on Fridays we have a company meeting with all employees which lasts upwards of an hour.
5:00—6:30PM: I like to catch up on projects, evaluate my day and go through my tasks and notes to make sure there’s nothing pending. If I’m in the office for the day, I’ll update hardware inventory and send out final emails.
6:30PM: Downtime to step out for a bit, get some fresh air and unwind the rest of the evening.
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