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6 Tips for Embracing Change
The pandemic has forced all of us to confront an inordinate amount of change and it hasn’t been easy. As vaccination numbers increase and case counts decrease, we’ll transition back to something like our pre-pandemic lives. But it won’t be the same. The world is different, we’re different, and we’re going to have to adjust to a raft of change as we leave behind our lockdown lives. But this can be a good thing!
Accept the inevitable
If you’re someone who frets about the future, put your mind at ease: things will change again. No sense worrying about it because it will definitely happen. And if a change isn’t particularly good for you, I have good news. All you have to do is wait and things will eventually change again. Change is the only constant in life is an enduring kernel of wisdom that, like so many others, comes to us from a Greek guy who’s long been dead.
Look for the positive
Rarely are big changes purely good or purely bad—they’re usually a mix of both. By focusing on the positive and practising gratitude, you’ll dull the impact of the negative aspects. Maybe you’ll have to wear a full hazmat suit but who cares if it means you get to see a movie in theatres again.
Create a change of your own
Rather than passively allow our evolving situation to impose all the change on you, make a change of your own. Back in the office? Start a new club with your coworkers. Gone full-time remote? Redo your home office. By owning a part of the change, you’re refusing to let time treat you like a stone in its rock tumbler.
Piggyback new habits
It’s easier to make and break habits when you’re anchoring it to a novel situation, since you’re already creating new routines. If you’re going back to the office full-time after a year and a half working from home, it’s a perfect time to change your habits. Maybe it’s bringing lunch from home every day or riding your bike to work or quitting smoking. Or maybe you want to take up smoking—you do you.
Ask for help
We’ve all had to rely on our support systems throughout the pandemic. Whether that’s having neighbours get groceries for you while you’re in quarantine or sharing your Disney+ password with them in return. We’ve strengthened our networks—it’s worth remembering that even after things open up again, they’re still there. Make sure you don’t change that password on them.
Appreciate how you’ve changed
We’ve just been through a lot. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for getting through it. Maybe you read a bunch of new books or organized your home. Maybe you hid under the covers the whole time. It doesn’t matter. The thing is, you made it. We’re all a little wiser, if also, a little fatter—either way, we’ve grown.
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