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Marketing Minute | You’re an Insurance Expert… Time to Share the Love
Brent Closs—AVP Marketing, CAA Club Group
In our last Marketing Minute, I shared tips on three important elements of a successful social media strategy: creating great content, curating others’ content and advocating for businesses and causes you value. But in order to make the most of your social activity, I suggest you go even further.
As brokers, you have the unique role of providing your customers the advice they seek around their insurance needs. You have a wealth of knowledge—so why not share it? Perhaps people follow you on social to gain insight on insurance coverage, or loss prevention tips, or ways to save money on their premium. This creates a fantastic opportunity to provide the answers they’re looking for.
First, educate through your social posts. Illustrate your expertise by showing consumers the value of insurance while debunking myths and supporting the buying process. Educating consumers can give you a competitive advantage and will drive your presence in the industry. Make things easy to understand, while managing consumer fears. Take a considered and empathetic approach to the issues that people care about.
You can take it a step further by facilitating information on a more personal level. This is accomplished on a one-off basis or as a strategic communication, using methods like Facebook or Twitter chats. It’s different than educating because it’s a personal one-to-one discussion about a consumer’s agenda, not your own. It’s meant to address specific issues, requests or circumstances rather than the high-level topics offered through education. It’s about engaging with consumers in conversation, on their terms. When people make comments or ask questions, providing a focused response will help create that two-way conversation, which in turn will build your brand as one that cares about the consumer.
By offering tips and information from an educational standpoint, and then providing the advice and resources consumers need by facilitating conversations, you demonstrate your value and expertise, and why consumers need you as their broker.
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