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A Day in the Life
Amanda Pultz—Sales Representative, Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers
Before becoming a broker, Amanda’s background was in the hospitality industry, working at various hotels in different roles. A self-proclaimed people person, Amanda has always enjoyed working with people, regardless of the industry.
“As life changed and I decided to start a family, it became more difficult to work the hours required in hospitality. As is often the case, a family member who’s an insurance broker suggested I get my license and become a broker. Almost seven years later, here I am.”

Amanda recently joined the Petley-Hare team while working from home because of the pandemic. “I didn’t know what to expect or how starting a new job remotely was going to work. Training was very well-organized—from contactless pick-up of my equipment to online training. I met my trainer virtually each day to learn the systems and processes. Virtual meetings were held in small groups so I could meet my team and learn about their roles at the company. The onboarding process made me feel very connected. Everyone’s made me feel welcome and part of the Petley-Hare family.”
“When the pandemic first hit, we actually put all hiring on hold,” said Adam Hare, President of Petley-Hare. “We thought it would be near impossible to onboard and train new employees remotely. Fast forward to less than a year later and we’ve onboarded 5 new team members, developed a library of training videos, designed a whole new welcome package and have no plans of slowing down.” As one of those 5 new team members, here’s a day in the pandemic life of Amanda Pultz.
6:30AM: Wake up, kind of. I’m notorious for hitting the snooze button a few times before getting out of bed. Thanks to the pandemic it’s not a mad dash out the door every day. I get myself ready, my two school-aged kids up and out the door. One is an early riser, the other not so much. Our morning routine involves lunch prep (I dread this), breakfast, packing back packs and sending them off—don’t forget the masks!
8:30AM: Fire up my computer and go through emails and voice messages that may have come in the night before. This typically determines the start of my workflow for the day.
9:00AM: Start calling clients—whether it’s a return call, email, new lead or something I’m already working on. Throughout the week there are typically virtual meetings around this time, perhaps a sales meeting or something scheduled with a teammate.
10:00AM: Usually time for a coffee to refuel, then back to my desk to continue my morning.
1:00PM: Lunch break—not typically a break to have lunch, more often a time to decide on dinner plans and possibly do some meal prep.
2:00—4:30PM: Much of the same from my morning routine—incoming/outbound calls, quoting, applications. My kids have now returned home for the evening which means emptying lunch bags, backpacks and getting them ready for the next day.
5:00—6:30PM: More meal prep, dinner and catch up on the day’s events. I try to do some form of physical activity—whether that’s hitting the treadmill, doing an online workout or getting outside for a family walk. Working remotely has reminded me how needed this is for my body and mind.
6:30PM: Downtime, bedtime routines including snuggles and stories, and recharging for what the next day might bring.
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