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6 Ways to Make Your Home More Calming
We’ve been stuck at home for over a year and it might be a while until that’s no longer the case. Making your space as soothing as possible can help you ride out the last long stretch of this ordeal in comfort.
It’s Gotta Go
Research has shown that clutter can cause stress and impede your ability to focus. What better time than spring cleaning season to get rid of old junk that’s accumulated without you noticing. Make Marie Kondo proud—if something doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. Donate what you can, recycle what you can, then put the rest in a barrel, soak it in lighter fluid and spark it for real.
Get Your House in Order
Creating organizational systems for your stuff might not have an immediate impact on the aesthetics of your space but will pay dividends the next time you need a specific charger or spare set of keys and know just where to find them. In your kitchen, not having to search for a specific tool can be the difference between something on the stove turning into dinner or an excuse to order pizza.
Colour Me Calm
One of the cheapest ways to upgrade a room is to give it a fresh layer of paint. There’s debate about the effect of different colours on the psyche, but the most agreed upon palettes for creating a chill atmosphere are shades of blue and green and neutral colours like white, beige and grey. To stay calm while painting, we recommend not skipping the step where you cover up your furniture.
Get a Life
Adding plants to your space is proven to bolster mental health, give your immune system a boost and improve air quality. If you want to add even more life to a room, go big and invest in a fish tank. It turns out our brains like living among things that remind us of nature, probably to counterbalance the cold sterility created by all our harsh geometric Ikea furniture.
Turf the Tech
How many of us watch TV with our smart phones and laptops? Turns out, that might not actually count as relaxing. Try to keep your laptop out of the room you like to relax in and if possible, do the same with your phone. Yes, you might miss some aggravating news alerts but don’t worry, you can always be upset when you learn about them later.
Lighten Up
Everyone knows about the mental health benefits of getting some sun. So draw your curtains and let the natural light fill the room to feel more open than just artificial light. For evening it’s worth investing in quality lamps with dimmer switches to give the room a soft, cozy vibe. Think of it as mood lighting, but the mood you’re aiming for is “let’s get through this with our sanity intact.”
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