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The 100 Club
Celebrating Brokerages Who've Been With Us for a Century
Dawson & Keenan
Established by the Dawson family in 1892, Dawson & Keenan Insurance has a long history in Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma district. The firm has five generations of ownership—the first two generations involved the Dawson family, followed by a third generation of Fred Dawson in partnership with Cliff Keenan. Fourth was Arthur Day. Fifth were his two children, Elaine and myself in partnership with Graham Lidstone.  We’ve evolved over the years by expanding our presence within our region, but our biggest evolution has been the use of technology which has allowed us to become more results-focused and has enhanced our ability to serve our clients without eroding our strong client relationships. Our success has always been based on the quality of the people that work at Dawson & Keenan—our company’s greatest asset. - Larry Day, President, Dawson & Keenan
Kirby & Masson
Kirby & Masson Insurance traces its origins back to the insurance office of J.T. Pennock in 1857 in the newly titled City of Ottawa. We’ve moved from quill and ink, and blotters to esignatures, eslips, edocs, digital policy issuance and electronic payments. Our family of employees work in both worlds—analog and digital—and it’s a never-ending process of transformation. We’re fortunate to have great people work at Kirby & Masson—thanks to each of you.    Our office has been a member of IBAO since the beginning. My grandfather and father were IBAO Presidents. My great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and myself all served as President of our local Affiliate, the Ottawa Insurance Brokers Association. We believe IBAO has and will continue to provide support, strength, innovation and guidance for brokers and consumers well into the 22nd century. 
- Scott Kirby, Principal Broker, Vice-President, Kirby & Masson

McGlennon Insurance
McGlennon Insurance is a full-service insurance brokerage located in rural south-east Ontario and has been owned and operated by the McGlennon family for three generations. We’re fortunate to do business in a community where supporting and buying local is a long-standing tradition. Being able to support many of our local community organizations for so many years is a great source of pride.     My grandfather returned from Toronto to buy a business in his hometown of Colborne, and there’s been a McGlennon doing business on the main street of our village for over 100 years. We started out with ledgers and a whole lot of paper. Paper has decreased as more business is carried out online, but we’re still very much a bricks and mortar business—literally so, being located in a former bank. We’re a product of where we work and live and love being able to help our friends and neighbours with their insurance needs. - Dave McGlennon, President, McGlennon Insurance
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