Staff Spotlight | Lena
From the moment I walked in it was an extremely welcoming atmosphere.
ena joined the IBAO in September last year, serving as the Accounts Receivable/Payable Coordinator, though her journey here began when she migrated to Canada from Guyana in 1995. 
While job hunting upon arriving in Canada, the majority of jobs she was referred to were related to accounting. “At that point, I decided I should focus on accounting and further my studies in the field. I worked for several companies and adapted to their environment, learning new software as needed.” Prior to the IBAO, Lena spent eight years as an Account Associate at a third-party medical insurance company, advancing her abilities and career. Working in IBAO’s finance department, Lena initially found her role a challenge, but one she was excited to take on. “In the beginning it was tough getting to know the business and learn everything I needed to, but with the help of my manager Aziz and the rest of the staff, I was able to improve and succeed.”  For Lena, staff is a selling point for working at the IBAO. “Joining this team was a great decision. The atmosphere and all the staff are friendly and cooperative. They’re always there if you need their help or assistance. From the moment I walked in it was an extremely welcoming atmosphere.” In her leisure time, Lena enjoys spending time with her family. She has two daughters Natasha and Anusha who she’s extremely proud of. “I like watching Bollywood movies, TV shows and going for walks with my family.” She has a love for baking and is famous for her pastries—specifically pine tarts. In between work and family time, Lena also volunteers at her temple. “It gives me a sense of peace and has allowed me to build a community with other families. Together, we host events and raise funds throughout the year for various causes. It’s a pleasure to give back to the community.”  This value Lena places on community has always been reflected in her work. “It’s been a year since I started at the IBAO and I’m looking forward to continuing to create bonds and grow with the organization.”
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