Marketing Minute
With Brent Closs, AVP Marketing, CAA Club Group
The most effective brands on social media have one thing in common: they all  understand that social media is a conversation, and being a great conversationalist requires listening. Many of us have seen the fantastic tweets Wendy’s sends in response to social comments. How do they find those perfect opportunities? How does WestJet identify those wonderful  families to surprise?   They use social listening tools.   Social listening allows you to search for terms and provide ways to engage in relevant conversations. It can be the ears of an organization and an integral component  of  bringing your brand personality to life.  Social listening is more important now than ever before. During COVID-19, people are seeking answers and advice on their insurance. This technique allows you to hear what consumers are concerned about so you can  engage and help. It will also  provide you insights into consistent themes and ideas for your content and SEO efforts.  The most effective brands leverage social  listening to find themes beyond those directly related to their business. For example, a pet insurer may look for terms like “new puppy” and build a surprise and delight campaign around that one theme.  By creating meaningful conversations based on what you hear, you‘ll be able to address what matters to your audience. Investing in a social listening tool is critical to finding those opportunities.  

It can be the ears of an organization and an integral component of bringing your brand personality to life. 
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