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A s challenging as 2020 has been, and continues to be, there are great things happening across the insurance industry and many reasons to celebrate.  One of those reasons: SGI is celebrating its 75th Anniversary by paying homage to how far they’ve come as an organization and celebrating the brokers who will help carry them forward.  “We’re living in challenging times,” says CEO Andrew Cartmell. “Brokers have truly stepped up to provide great service while keeping people safe. We’re in awe of everything the broker community’s doing to deliver outstanding experiences for their customers.” 
SGI was born in another challenging time, full of uncertainty and change. “1945 was bleak on the prairies following the Great Depression and prolonged drought. People were faced with rising debt, low wages and the high cost of insurance. The Saskatchewan Government Insurance Office was formed on the idea that a publicly–owned insurance company offering affordable coverage might help solve some of the issues.” Much has changed in 75 years, but some things have stayed the same—a willingness to break new ground, innovate along the way and persevere through the ups and downs. “SGI’s first broker Oscar Sawby, who was appointed that same year in 1945, had no experience selling insurance. On his application he declared himself a graduate from the university of hard knocks during the hungry 30s. But he learned and succeeded using determination and fortitude. His business is still a partner of ours today.”   
Much has changed in 75 years, but some things have stayed the same—a willingness to break new ground, innovate along the way and persevere through the ups and downs.
Through the decades, SGI has shown resilience while remaining committed to the broker channel. The company’s 75th Annual Brokers Convention, scheduled in April, was cancelled due to the pandemic, like so many other events. But with the help of its broker partners, SGI was able to quickly respond to the COVID–19 crisis. “As these past few months have proven, no one can predict what’s around the corner—for our industry, for the country, across the world. With the broker channel’s support, we’ve been transforming our company digitally and culturally to meet the needs of today’s customers, always looking ahead to tomorrow’s needs. We’re adapting to this new, uncertain environment, finding new ways to continue providing an essential service to our customers.   “Thank you to our brokers—the best in Canada—for all your hard work, dedication and resilience. We’re very proud to call you our partners, and we have every confidence we’ll get through this together. You’re an important part of how we honour the past and will continue to play a critical role in how we insure the future.”
With Andrew Cartmell, CEO, SGI Canada   
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