A Day in the Life...
During a Global Pandemic 
With Greg Raymond, Startup Founder & CEO, Insurance Hero  
InsuranceHero.ca is a digital brokerage based out of Sudbury that leverages technology to offer a simplified and modernized insurance experience. Greg Raymond, Chief Executive Hero, co-founded InsuranceHero.ca in 2011 and became the sole owner in 2015. As a 5th generation broker, the broker profession isn’t new to Greg or his family: “Insurance is in my blood dating back to 1903.” 

Pre-COVID, InsuranceHero.ca offered a hybrid workplace. “Our employees have the ability to work from home, come into the office or both. It provides great flexibility for staff with young families. We had a quarter of the team working remotely pre-pandemic, so it’s been a fairly smooth transition to 100% remote workforce.” As we’ve all learned over the last few months, having a strict schedule in quarantine life is almost a laughing matter. Just like the rest of us, Greg’s day-to-day drastically changed due to COVID-19. Here’s a general idea of Greg’s day, with some understandable variance:  
Morning Routine: I usually get up before my wife and two kids, grab a coffee and head to the office—which is now in my basement. When the rest of the family gets up, I’ll join them for breakfast. Pre-COVID my commute was only 8 minutes. Now, unless I step on a Lego on my way downstairs, it’s even quicker.
Bedtime: I’m enjoying the new Brooklyn Nine-Nine season, but I’m trying to limit screen time and read more. I just finished The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon and I’m getting into Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World.
Team Meeting: A cool thing my team had started before the pandemic was reading and discussing the book Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service. Every Thursday the whole team meets via Zoom and different employees are assigned as facilitators to coordinate the discussion.

Lunch: Around noon my wife and I make lunch for the family. If there’s time and the weather’s nice, I’ll shoot a few hoops with my kids in the driveway.

Afternoon: I schedule fewer meetings in the afternoon so I can cross off as many items on my to-do list as possible. I also take this time to check-in with the team to make sure everyone’s doing well.

Dinner: At least once a week we like to support a different local restaurant by ordering takeout. It’s fun to try new places. Two of our favorites here in Sudbury are P&M Kouzzina and Laughing Buddha.

Evening: After dinner we’ll spend some time outside. Once the kids are in bed my wife and I catch up on each other’s day. I’ll take out my laptop for a bit to reply to emails, order and analyze reports and tie up any loose ends from the day. I’m finding it challenging to disconnect because my home and office are now one.
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