6 Ways to  Practice Gratitude  
This period has been stressful and anxiety-inducing for everyone. While we all try our best to retain some kind of normalcy, it’s crucial we also make time for mental health. Research has shown that one of the easiest and most effective things we can do for our well-being is to practice gratitude. It can increase happiness, reduce depression and improve sleep and immune functions. It can  also help other people, which is another nice outcome. 
Make a list 
At the end of your day, write down three things you’re thankful for. If you’re struggling just jot down a few things that made you smile that day. Maybe your first attempt at banana bread tasted awful but it looked great on Instagram, which still counts as a win. 
This crisis has put into sharp focus how many essential workers have been overlooked by society, including cashiers everywhere. Since they’re now taking on additional risk to do their jobs and help us out, it’s the perfect time to thank them. And if they don’t hear you the first time, fight the urge to pull your mask aside to repeat it.
Order a gift for someone
Behavioural research shows that spending on others gives us longer lasting happiness than spending on ourselves. As a double good deed, order a custom gift from Etsy to  support an independent artist—they’ll  definitely appreciate it more than Jeff Bezos would.
Write a letter 
During this pandemic, checking the mailbox has become a borderline thrilling activity. If you’d like to check-in on someone and really show them you’re thinking of them, send them a handwritten letter. Taking the time to write and send a physical letter is a nice gesture itself. But it’s probably best if you don’t lick the envelope. 
Helping others is a nice thing to do, but it also makes us more appreciative of what we have. There are many ways to safely volunteer during the pandemic, like signing up to talk to the elderly on the phone. You’ll also get to appreciate that when you talk on the phone you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues. Or your hair.  
Make a special donation
We all know that donating to charity feels good and there are lots of worthy causes, especially now. If you’re thinking of making a donation, choose a charity that’s made a difference in the life of someone you’re grateful for and make the donation in their name. Unless it’s an organization with Anonymous in its name. Then leave that part blank.
Thank a frontline worker
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